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  • What Is A Haymaker Punch?

    What Is A Haymaker Punch?

    In boxing, there are many different types of punches, one of which is referred to as a haymaker. You may have heard this mentioned by a commentator while watching a fight, and perhaps wondered what they meant by ‘haymaker’. So

  • What Martial Arts Does Chuck Norris Know?

    So chances are, you’re probably familiar with movie star and martial artist Chuck Norris. He is probably best known for his fight scene in Way Of The Dragon, where he faced off against another popular martial artist, Bruce Lee. However,

  • What Martial Arts Does Batman Know?

    The DC comic book superhero Batman is known for being one of the few superheroes without any actual powers. However, he makes up for it with his genius-level intellect, being able to learn many things quickly, including martial arts. Which