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  • What Is A Haymaker Punch?

    What Is A Haymaker Punch?

    In boxing, there are many different types of punches, one of which is referred to as a haymaker. You may have heard this mentioned by a commentator while watching a fight, and perhaps wondered what they meant by ‘haymaker’. So

  • What Martial Arts Does Chuck Norris Know?

    So chances are, you’re probably familiar with movie star and martial artist Chuck Norris. He is probably best known for his fight scene in Way Of The Dragon, where he faced off against another popular martial artist, Bruce Lee. However,

  • What Martial Arts Does Batman Know?

    The DC comic book superhero Batman is known for being one of the few superheroes without any actual powers. However, he makes up for it with his genius-level intellect, being able to learn many things quickly, including martial arts. Which

  • What Does Catchweight Mean In The UFC?

    So if you’re on this post, chances are you saw something about a catchweight regarding a UFC fight. And maybe you were left wondering, “what exactly is a catchweight?” So in this post, I’m going to explain everything there is

  • What Happens When A Fighter Gets Knocked Out?

    In combat sports such as boxing or MMA, knockouts are fairly common, and are often applauded by appreciative fans. And while you may know that a knockout results in a loss of consciousness, you may be wondering more about the

  • Do UFC Fighters Get To Keep Their Belts?

    Every time a UFC fighter wins a championship fight, we see them get a belt wrapped around their waist inside the Octagon. However, there has been speculation surrounding whether or not fighters actually get to keep this belt, or if

  • How Long Do UFC Fighters Train For A Fight?

    As you probably know, fighters tend to have a set period of time that is reserved for serious preparation before an upcoming fight, typically known as their “training camp”. This camp usually starts when the fight contract is signed, as

  • Can MMA Fighters Smoke Weed?

    Marijuana usage in MMA is nothing new. Many fighters have openly admitted to being recreational smokers. The most notable of these are the Diaz brothers, who have made their smoking habit a part of their fighting lifestyle and brand. But

  • How Do UFC Rankings Work?

    As a UFC fan, you are probably familiar with what the rankings are. They are simply a number system that tells you who the best fighters are in each weight class, compared to other fighters in the same division. But

  • Why Do Fighters Put Vaseline On Their Face?

    If you’ve ever watched an MMA or boxing match, then you’ve probably seen someone applying vaseline to a fighter’s face before the start of the fight, and even in between rounds. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, I’ll explain