Write For Us!

Hey reader,

My name is Gerardo, and I am the owner of combatmuseum.com. Thank you for visiting the site!

As the site gets bigger, I want it to cover a broader range of topics that are related to combat sports in some way. For this reason, I am currently looking for writers who can help to contribute and grow the site.

Anyone who visits the site has the potential to become a writer for the site, as you have already shown some interest in combat sports. I’m not looking for any professional writing experience or any real requirements, simply that you are a fan of combat sports, and that you can write in basic English.¬†

As a writer for the site, you are free to write about anything you find interesting, as long as it pertains to combat sports. This includes MMA, boxing, amateur wrestling, kickboxing, and more.

This is a great way to gain experience if you are someone hoping to pursue a career in sports journalism.


Here is what I can offer you in return for writing for Combat Museum.

Firstly, I pay writers using a revenue share system, meaning you are directly compensated by the amount of traffic your posts get. Here’s how it works:

As you probably know, this site brings in revenue through display advertising. The site brings in enough traffic for the ad revenue to be considered significant. For the articles you write, you will bring in a certain amount of pageviews each month.

Your compensation for that month will be equal to 50% of the total ad revenue generated by your posts. This means you get half of the revenue, with the other half going to the site.

You are free to promote your posts in any way you wish, increasing your own earnings along the way.

In the near future, the advertisements on the site will be better optimized and higher-paying, further increasing your earning potential.

Aside from direct payment, a benefit of writing for Combat Museum is the experience. As I mentioned before, this applies particularly to those of you pursuing a career in MMA/Sports journalism.

As a writer, you are free to put anything you want on your resume, and I will back it up with your potential employer. You are also free to use me as a recommendation for your next position, and I will always be available in the case that your potential employer wants to contact me.

You will also have your own author page, which you can share with future employers as an example of your previous work.

So whether you see this position as a stepping stone for your next position in the field, or you’re simply looking for a bit of side income, I’d love to work with you.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please email me at MMAwritingposition at gmail.com.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!