What's Up With The MMA Media Bashing Dana White? @BloodyElbow

Ok, so my website design kinda sucks, so the image above is kinda cropped unintentionally. But basically, some writer for Bloody Elbow is upset at a comment Dana White made.

And it makes absolutely no sense. Let me break it down for you.

But first of all here’s a link to the article I’ll be referring to. Opens in a new tab ;).

The critique against Dana is based on a comment he said while on The Schmozone Podcast about the coronavirus, where he said: “The entire world has turned into p***ies overnight and it’s unbelievable and it drives me crazy. I don’t know what to say. It’s embarrassing.”

The UFC had trouble bringing back live events, partly due to media members like Trent from Bloody Elbow.

So obviously this comment is directed at members of the MMA media, as they have been quick to bash Dana for being the first promotion to start broadcasting events. When the UFC was eyeing a return on Indian reservation grounds, the media started calling the fighter hotel and basically bombarded them with complaints.

So anyways, this dude Trent from Bloody Elbow sees this comment, and I assume he thinks it’s the perfect quote to bash Dana White with.

When Dana White spoke to Rose Namajunas to see if she was interested in fighting again, did he share this opinion with her? Or with Khabib Nurmagomedov? https://t.co/ijZcfCeWh0

— Trent Reinsmith (@TrentReinsmith) June 17, 2020

And then he goes and writes an article basically insinuating that Dana’s comment was directed at fighters like Rose Namajunas, who had a family member pass away due to coronavirus. Which is absolutely absurd.

Dana White has repeatedly stated that the fighters are free to do whatever they want, saying: “If you don’t want to fight, you don’t have to fight.” He has not once called out a fighter during this coronavirus situation for not wanting to fight.

I am 1,000% sure that Dana feels for Rose Namajunas, and would be fine with her taking time off the sport. I am also 1,000,000% sure that Dana’s comment was directly pointed at media members like Trent Reinsmith, who are against the UFC putting on events during this time, despite the safety protocols being followed.

Like bro, do you want to keep your job?