UFC Flyweight Lauren Murphy On 'The Ultimate Fighter': “I Wish I Had Never Gone On That Show” – Combat Museum

It is well known that UFC Flyweight Lauren Murphy does not like Eddie Alvarez.

Their issues stem from Murphy’s appearance on Season 26 of The Ultimate Fighter, where she was placed on Team Alvarez. However, it seemed as if Murphy was not compatible with Alvarez, and their issues became well documented, due to the nature of the show.

Part of her issues with Eddie revolve around the fact that she lost her first fight on the show to Nicco Montaño, the eventual winner of the show. It even got to the point where she made the decision to switch teams, an unusual move on the show. This was way back in 2017, when her season of the show was aired.

However, the issues Murphy had with Alvarez resurfaced after an interview she did with MMAFighting.com on May 4th. You can find the part of the interview where they discuss her time on TUF in the video below.

It seemed like everything went well in the interview, and not much came of it. However, Lauren appeared on an interview with Lucas Grandsire today, where Lucas asked her about some of the drama that had been resurfacing.

During the interview, she revealed that her issues were now related to MMA media, citing an article by MMAFighting writer Steven Marrocco. Lauren claims that Marrocco wrote a headline that misquoted her, and she openly expressed her dislike towards him.

She also expressed some regret towards being on the show in the first place, although she did note, “It just kinda depends what mood you catch me in”.

Lauren was notably emotional during the interview, attributing it partly to the death of professional wrestler Hana Kimura.

Hana Kimura was a Japanese professional wrestler who was also on a reality show, which was similar to The Ultimate Fighter. However, due to an incident on the show, and how Hana was portrayed, fans took to insulting her on social media.

Hana Kimura committed suicide on May 23rd, at the young age of 22.

During the interview Lauren said: “Today’s kind of a weird day, because I read about that girl last night, and it kind of affected me. It was a pretty emotional thing for me this morning actually, talking to my husband about it.”

She noted that she received backlash on social media after the article by Steven Marrocco was released.

“I don’t deserve to have Diego Sanchez talking sh*t to me on f**king Instagram about a situation he knows nothing about because Steven Marrocco thought it would be funny to throw me under the bus with a sh*tty f**king headline.”

Lauren Murphy also states that MMAFighting never rectified the issue publicly, only receiving private apologies through her DMs.

“A big part of me wants to just never do interviews ever again, but I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. I think I just won’t do any interviews with those people anymore” said Murphy.

As unfortunate as Murphy’s situation is, it is the nature of reality shows such as The Ultimate Fighter to exacerbate issues that occur during filming.

Lauren Murphy is currently set to face Roxanne Modafferi on June 20th.