Is Anyone Really Asking For Masvidal v Diaz 2?

I have made my long-awaited return to the blog. I’m sorry to have left all three of my readers waiting, but I’m back at it like a crack addict.

When I heard this story, I just had to write about it. Because when I heard Masvidal v Diaz 2 was in the works, my first thought was: what the heck? (If I was writing this post on my phone, this is where I would insert the pondering and sleeping emojis.)

Who the hell is asking for this fight? Who wants to watch Masvidal to piece up a slow-starting Diaz for several rounds? Definitely not me.

I basically see this as an attempt for the UFC to cash out on what’s left of Masvidal’s hype, and to regain casual interest in him by having him properly finish off Diaz. Who really expects it to go any differently?

Sure, Diaz was kinda picking up steam at the end of round 3. But the poor man took an insane amount of punishment up to that point, and only to have the cageside doctor blue ball us by stopping the fight. Diaz took so much damage that I couldn’t even understand him at the post fight press conference.

This mf speaking english?

Let’s be real. Their first fight had something special. It was the combination of unknown factors, along with two fighters who we knew wouldn’t back down under any circumstance. Diaz said it himself: “I brought the President… I don’t see the President going to no title fights!”

But if I’m honest, I can see the argument for a second fight. Getting a big fight for Masvidal, clearing up the decisiveness of the first fight, Diaz’s quick turnaround for the fight. And if it makes money, then (I suppose) it makes sense. But this fight just doesn’t get me excited.

Whatever. I’ma still watch it lol.