Fight Night: Is Anyone On Earth Rooting For Kamaru Usman?

So I’m sitting here after looking at the odds for Usman (-235) vs Masvidal (+185), and they are really surprising in terms of how close they are. We’re talking about a guy who wasn’t training, coming in on six days notice, fighting the best welterweight in the world, and who is at both a style and size disadvantage. +185?

Yet every poll I’ve seen this week has 70% of the fans picking Masvidal as the winner. If the fans put their money where their mouth is, then obviously Masvidal would be a heavy favorite.

But people like keeping their money, and I don’t blame them. I too, will be betting on Usman while rooting for Masvidal. All of $8.59 left in my Bovada account.

There’s a big size difference that we can’t ignore. Why are we acting like this fight is going to be competitive?

If I was a degenerate gambler (and this is a big if), I would be taking out loans to bet on Usman. This is probably the easiest bet in the history of MMA. Why would you ever bet on Masvidal? I mean sure, nobody likes Usman right, but??? Why?

Anyways, that’s not the point of this post. What I’m trying to get at is, absolutely nobody is watching this fight for Usman. Despite the fact that Usman is an incredibly impressive fighter, no one really cares about him. We’re all here for Gamebred.

Just to remind you why we dislike Usman, earlier this week he basically said that Masvidal is the hardest fight of his career. But then when he was talking to Megan Olivi, he basically said that Masvidal is all hype, and is a 50-50 fighter?

And so to sum up this post, no. Nobody will be rooting for Usman tonight, even though we all know he’s going to win. He’s just unlikeable. I feel like he takes himself too seriously. Why would we want him to win?

Instead, we’re all rooting for the absolute gangster that is Jorge Masvidal, stepping up to take the biggest fight of his career on six days notice. This is one of the few times where you’ll see me disappointed after a fight, despite winning the bet.

Cash them bets boys. :'(